Petainer Keg

UK-based microbrewery Ironbridge Brewery is to offer its Craft Gold, a 4.3% ABV continental-style lager, in 20l Petainer Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) keg.

Made in partnership with a plastic technology company Petainer, the kegs are manufactured in PET, which makes them lightweight, recyclable and less expensive than the metal kegs.

Petainer Kegs can be crushed after use and put for recycling, making it convenient and environment friendly.

Ironbridge owner David Goldingay said the Petainer Keg provides them with a low-cost container to compete against national producers.

"Tests have demonstrated that the PET keg will ensure the Ironbridge lager will reach consumers in the best possible condition," Goldingay said.

"The Petainer Keg is a more cost-effective and sustainable package for start-up production of draught products.

"No internal cleaning of the kegs is required so hygiene standards are always assured. Disposal of the empty kegs into the recycling stream also saves on administration and logistics."

Petainer Kegs are available in four sizes – 15l, 20l, 30l and 40l – and can be supplied as complete, RTD containers or as performs.

Petainer UK and Ireland regional sales director Andy Carter said companies like Ironbridge recognise that these lightweight, one-way PET containers open up new channels and market opportunities.

"Apart from providing a step change in environmental performance they offer businesses compelling logistical and economic benefits," Carter said.

"In terms of saving money, raising value, improving carbon footprint and safeguarding taste and quality these revolutionary PET kegs offer 100 per cent better business."

With the addition of plastic kegs, the brewery now produces beers and lagers in five formats including casks, bottles, mini casks and polypins.

Image: Petainer Kegs are made of PET, which makes them lightweight and recyclable. Photo: Petainer