Utah-based Ogden’s Own Distillery’s Five Wives Vodka has been banned for general and special order sales in Idaho by its state Liquor Division, stating the brand to be offensive to Mormons.

The vodka is made with Wasatch mountain spring water in Utah and is distributed in Utah and Wyoming.

Five Wives Vodka label pays homage to the early travelers to the West but depicts five women with their skirt raised.

Idaho state Liquor Division deputy director Howard Wasserstein explained in a letter to distributor Elite Spirits of Boise that they feel Five Wives Vodka concept is offensive to a prominent segment of their population and will not be carried.

Elite Spirits president John Challenger said after several establishments requested the state for special orders of Five Wives Vodka, they were informed that the product would not be allowed to be sold.

"It’s a rare move for them to ban a product outright from special orders," Challenger said.

Ogden’s Own Distillery marketing vice president and partner Steve Conlin said they have a product that has sold nearly 1,000 cases in six months in Utah.

"If the reaction is because of a religious concern, we think they are extremely misguided," Conlin said.

The company applied for general listing two months ago but was rejected enforcing complete ban of the product.

As the result of the ban, the distillery will be forced to withdraw as a sponsor for the Boise Music Festival.

Conlin said between sponsorship and attending the concert, they estimate the company would have spent near $10,000 in Boise over the weekend of the festival.

"It’s unfortunate for the community – not just us and Elite Spirits," Conlin said.