HRWines, a Florida-based importer of wines, is to distribute Croatian wines in Florida’s markets, restaurants and wine merchants.

Croatian wines are derived from some of Europe’s oldest wine cellars that are dated back to Roman Empire.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the topography and climate of Croatia produces a distinct taste that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Backed by the sudden surge of Croatian wine interest in the US, HRWines will offer merchants and restaurants the best varieties in Croatian wines for consumers, which includes collection of different wines from three of Croatia’s harvesting regions, wines from five different wineries and other wine types such as white, red, rose and predicat.

Some of the Croatian wines that will be distributed by HRWines include Bakovic Plavac 2008, Benvenuti Malvazija 2009, Benvenuti Malvazija Anno Domini 2008, Benvenuti Teran 2008, Josic Baranjaski Siler 2011, Josic Chardonnay 2009, Josic Cuvee 2010, Josic Cuvee Muskat 2010, Josic Grasevina Superior 2009, Josic Ice Wine 2009, Josic Pinot Gris 2009, Josic Rose 2010 and others.

Additionally, HRWines will provide options like diverse price points, swift delivery services, strong client relationships and different wine styles to bring a total new experience to Florida’s wine markets.

Initially destined from Florida distribution, HRWines will move the wines to rest of the country over a period of time.

Image: A vineyard off the coast of Croatia, one of the several renowned Croatian wineries known to produce different flavored wines. Photo: HRwines, LLC