HighJump Software, a US-based provider of supply chain management software, has installed its warehouse management system to wine and spirits distributor Winebow.

Winebow imports and distributes wines, spirits, and sakes from around the world. It offers spirits, such as anise, armagnac, bitter spirit, brandy, cachaca, cognac, eau de vie, gin, grappa, liqueur, rum, Scotch-whisky, tequila-mezcal, vodka, and whiskey.

The newly installed WMS will allow Winebow to meet different market and customer requirements, as well as integrate with existing host and conveyor systems. It can also adapt to changing customer tastes and strict regulatory requirements that differ by state.

According to Winebow, the WMS will also bolster its picking, packing and inventory management, while maintaining efficient workflows and streamline order management.

Winebow finance and operations executive vice president and group president Scott Ades said that the company needed an intelligent WMS that could be configured to meet the different market regulations and customer needs within its growing service area.

"With HighJump, we can configure the WMS and not adversely affect its integration with our other systems. This improvement plays an important role in our long-term commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers and suppliers," added Ades.

HighJump Software provides supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf.