California-based Green Flash Brewing is set to roll out its entire line of beer products in new packaging in April 2014.

The move by the brewery is to draw attention of consumers towards its beer name and style.

Green Flash Brewing partnered with internal brewery executives and San Diego-based branding agency, Mth Degree, to come up with new packaging designs.

The new packaging includes availability of beers in 4-packs and 22oz bottles, where each bottle carry a label on the back with information about ingredients, brewing process facts and stories behind each beer.

Green Flash Brewing co-founders Mike and Lisa Hinkley jointly said the new look features bold, oversized white typography on an upwards slant.

"Continuously evolving has always been part of who we are as a brand," Mike added.

"In an increasingly competitive market, the face of Green Flash must evolve to sustain our competitive edge on crowded store shelves."

In addition to new packaging, the brewery also made formula changes to two of its core offerings, West Coast IPA and Hop Head Red.

The 7.3% ABV West Coast IPA and the 7% ABV Hop Head Red will now be available at 8.1% ABV and with more dry-hops.

Green Flash’s beers, which are currently available in 48 US states, will be rolled out to Utah and Hawaii in 2014 to make them available in all the 50 US states.