Glen Scotia Distillery, a Campbeltown-based distillery producing single malt whisky, has introduced new packaging for five of its Glen Scotia single malt expressions.

The new premium packaging design is part of the distillery’s major investment plans to expand its operations throughout the world and to reduce the language barriers among most countries.

The five new expressions that have been redesigned with new packaging include 10yo, 12yo, 16yo, 18yo and 21yo.

All the newly packaged expressions will be launched in November 2012 across the world in around 15 countries.

Glen Scotia Distillery has chosen Leeds-based branding innovation firm – Brand Britain – to develop the new packaging designs.

The new colour coated bottle designs were developed by commercial sales director Andrew Gray and photographer Duncan Wood.

Gray said Glen Catrine is now developing plans to replicate their sales success in the UK in international markets and part of this process involved updating some of their brands packaging to make it more interesting and eye catching in other countries and cultures.

"The response to the mock up samples of Glen Scotia’s new packaging at the recent Whisky Live event in Taipei, the largest Whisky Live exhibition anywhere in the world, was very positive as consumers seemed to identify the highland cow and northern light skies as positive images of Scotland, and perfect symbols for the Glen Scotia brand name," Gray added.

"The single malt sector is crowded with many brands; we had to produce something different and eye catching just to be noticed. We are confident the new packaging will allow us to introduce Glen Scotia’s exceptional whisky to a much wider audience now around the world."

According to the distillery, the current sales orders are 141% higher than the 12 months’ sales of 2011.