New Zealand-based Frucor Beverages plans to develop more ‘better for you’ options and create better value ranges in its beverage portfolio as customers are increasingly looking for variety.

Frucor will invest in local beverage market to improve brands such as Fresh Up and Just Juice in the near future.

Frucor marketing director Scott Wright told Fleur Revell that the latest category to benefit from this passion for reinvigoration is fruit beverages.

"We have just completed a process of reviewing our iconic market leading brands Just Juice and Fresh-Up, looking for ways to make them more relevant," added Wright.

Just Juice, with 50% less sugar, was first to market using Stevia in the juice category, said Frucor.

In the water category, the company replaced its entire range of H2go flavoured waters with the new H2go Zero range using natural sweetener stevia instead of sugar.

The company launched Just Juice with Veges combining the taste of fruit with vegetables in 2010.

"Most New Zealander’s have grown up with brands like Fresh Up and Just Juice as part of their everyday lives. We have a responsibility for ensuring that these products remain available for future generations by allowing them to evolve as consumer demand dictates" Wright said.

Earlier in September, the company opened a new distribution centre and high speed bottling line as part of its plan to invest $45m over the next five years.

As a result, 3,300 20-foot containers per year will be exported to Australia versus the current 2,700.

The company will also invest a further $6m over the next year in a new research and development hub in Manukau.

"It’s vital that our Manufacturing and R&D teams remain at the forefront of the market and continue to lead in terms of delivering the very best product, processes and packaging," concluded Wright.