Chateau La Commanderie, a Pomerol, France-based wine estate, has been purchased by Hong Kong couple Andrew and Melody Kuk for €8m.

The purchase follows the recent acquisition of Pomerol-based Chateau La Patache in 2012 by another Hong Kong investor Peter Kwok.

Chateau La Commanderie has 6ha of vines in appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) Pomerol and produces 25,000 bottles of wines per year.

The estate also houses a 100m² cocktail room, summer room and hall open on the terrace and the garden, banquet room with 140m² noble stage and 85m² Salle des Chevalliers and 4ha of swimming pool.

Bordeaux agency specialising in Chinese vineyard investments owner Lina Fan was quoted by as saying that currently there are around 50 Bordeaux estates owned by Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwanese companies and individuals.

"I would fully expect that number to rise to 200 within the next five years. After that, it should stabilise," Fan added.

The sale of the Chateau La Commanderie was looked after by Damien Mounet, an agent from Square Viti.

Mounet was quoted by the website citing Sud Ouest as saying that the investment was personal rather than part of their wider business.

"It’s for their passion and love of wine," Mounet added.

"They are buying a page of French history and will respect its heritage."