Ferrarelle USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian firm Ferrarelle, has entered into an agreement with DS Waters of America for the distribution of its naturally effervescent bottled mineral water throughout the nation.

DS Waters is a US-based home and office delivery business that provides bottled water, water filtration and coffee and tea services to over 1.4 million customers.

Ferrarelle is a brand of sparkling mineral water with largest market share of all sparkling waters in Italy.

The water feature natural effervescence, mineral content and flavour profile, and is highly preferred by retailers, top chefs and restaurateurs all over the world.

The water is sourced from Campania’s countryside in Caserta near Naples, a natural geologic phenomenon that imparts a natural effervescence and rich mineral content.

Under the deal, DS Waters will deliver 330ml and 750ml bottles of Ferrarelle bottled water brands in the US.

The move by Ferrarelle comes after appointing Atalanta, a US-based distributor and importer of specialty foods and beverages, as its exclusive importer in 2013.

The partnership with Atalanta allowed the company to expand its presence in the country.

Commenting on the partnership with DS Waters, Ferrarelle USA director Ron Salerno said the addition of Ferrarelle to the DS Waters’ portfolio heralds a new era for their brand in America.

"We are now directly available to an exponentially larger customer base. All across America, consumers who were previously unable to buy Ferrarelle in their local stores can now have it delivered right to their door," Salerno added.

"To be chosen by one of the largest home delivery companies in the U.S. is a great source of pride for us and is an important milestone in our continuing expansion in America."

In addition to Ferrarelle, the company also produces other water brands such as Natìa, Sant Agata and Boario.