Bonfun Wine, a sole US importer of Kamasutra ‘The Natural Spirit of Seduction,’ has selected statewide distributor Fedway Associates to represent the spirit in New Jersey markets.

Effective from 1 October 2012, Fedway Associates, a New Jersey-based wine and spirits distributors servicing over 7,000 restaurants, taverns, clubs and retail stores, has been using its network to distribute the brand in New Jersey.

The 25% ABV and 50 proof Kamasutra is a ginger, ginseng and exotic herbs spirit that can be consumed directly or can be used as a base for cocktails.

Bonfun Wine chief marketing officer Scott Muscarella said the playful seductiveness of the brand image and the striking female-figure bottle will be supported by a launch campaign.

"The launch campaign, developed by Agency|51 Advertising, will include direct mail, social media, point-of-purchase displays, tastings conducted by our Lady Kama ambassadors and additional in-store incentives," Muscarella added.

The brand was officially launched in the US in early September 2012 in the presence of Kamasutra (USA) management, advisors, vendors, stakeholders and Herborium Group chairman and CEO Dr Agnes Olszewski.

Bonfun Wine president Michael Barsella said, "Kamasutra is currently very successful in several European countries, and is the perfect complement to our existing strategy of incorporating innovative and scalable European-produced brands into our portfolio."

Kamasutra ‘The Natural Spirit of Seduction’ is available for $29.99 per 750ml bottle and will be made available in New York from 25 October 2012.

Image: Kamasutra is the first spirit beverage to contain a patented herbal formulation inspired by the Kama Sutra philosophy, embodying the spirit of seduction of the ancient Indian and Oriental Kama Sutra teachings. Photo: Bonfun Wine, LLC