Exclusiv Vodka, the maker of Exclusiv Vodka brand, has added a new spirit Cherry Vodka to its portfolio in the US.

The brand is imported by Serge Imports from Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine, to the US.

Exclusiv Vodka is made using the winter wheat, where the first wheat of the year that can be taken from the ground, and naturally filtered water that passes through the Limestone Mountains of Central Europe.

The 70 proof or 35% ABV Exclusiv Cherry Vodka features a smooth texture and the smell of ripe cherries with overtones of almond.

The new spirit can be consumed as is, or on the rocks or blended to create a vodka cocktail.

The vodka is the ninth product in its expanding portfolio, claims the company.

Serge Imports president Serge Chistov said Cherry is one of the most popular flavours in southern Russia.

"Almost every Russian has a home remedy made with cherry juice, and cherries are used extensively in the kitchen and homemade wines, so it seemed natural to launch a cherry-flavored line extension," Chistov added.

Exclusiv Cherry Vodka carries a suggested retail price of $10 per 750ml bottle.

Cherry Vodka joins Exclusiv’s portfolio of regular, peach, berry, coconut, orange, lemon and rose vodkas.

In the US, Exclusiv Vodka is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland and Georgia through the Charmer Sunbelt Group (CSG), a distributor of fine wines, spirits, beer and other beverages.

Image: Exclusiv Cherry Vodka is bottled at 35% ABV. Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Exclusiv Vodka.