The English Whisky Company, which produces spirits from its St Georges Distillery in Norflok, England, has sought change in the law set forth by the US for whisky producers outside Scotland and Ireland.

According to the US rules and regulations, all the whisky producers other than Scotland and Ireland must mature or age their single malt whisky in new oak barrels.

The English Whisky Company matures its single malts in bourbon and sherry casks and markets in the UK and other export markets like Japan, Canada and 10 other markets, reported The Drinks Business.

To export to the US, the company complied with the law and matured its single malts in new oak barrels, but raised concerns over difference in its products at different locations due to different aging processes.

St Georges Distillery head Andrew Nelstrop said he, along with the company’s chief distiller David Fitt, had been experimenting with whisky in new oak barrels and finally produced the spirit.

Nelstrop added that the law should be common for all, but not one for Scotch and Irish producers and one for everyone-else.

Having entered into the US, the company plans to export around 20,000 bottles of its single malts in Boston, Washington and New York in March 2013.