E&J Gallo Winery, a California-based winery and distributor, has started using a new print verification tool SpotOn! that allows it to monitor brand colours both internally and with their vendors.

Deployed nine months ago, SpotOn! has given E&J the required data with which it created new procedures for verifying quality of print.

E&J Gallo Winery production director Frank Windgassen told whattheythink.com that earlier the company used another print verification tool, which did not give the company desired data and the target was too large.

"We found SpotOn! and knew this was the right tool for not only our internal use, but for our print vendors as well," Windgassen added.

The data given by SpotOn! is used by E&J to evaluate their print vendors.

It also has tolerances set for primary colours, overprint colours, neutral print density and gray balance.

Windgassen was quoted by the website as saying that, "Not only can our print vendor see graphically how they are printing, we can see it too."

"If the printer is totally out of tolerance then we talk about discounting the printing due to not meeting our expectations," Windgassen added.

"The technical data it provides empowers our vendors to achieve the ultimate results in color management.

"The price point and the value it provides make it a tool that every print vendor and brand manager should have as part of their process."