Echo, a London-based design and innovation consultancy that specialises in bringing brand and product together, has given a new brand identity to London-based Joe’s Tea.

The design agency was involved in creation of the brand’s positioning, identity, graphics and structural packaging, alongside changing the graphic user interface of the website.

Designed by Echo in-house designer and illustrator James Pearce, the designs were inspired from traditional City of London Liveries and key trades, using typography and illustrations of characters such as candlestick maker, butcher and baker.

Pearce also created a range of ‘Joe’s crests’ to characterise individual flavours and enhance the expertise behind each blend.

The innovative packaging included a small cut-out on the side, which reveals the tea leaves, and also features a bespoke illustrated map of London.

Joe’s Tea range consists of ten different blends including modified Earl Grey and English Breakfast with flavourful variations of fruits, herbs and chocolate.

The current Joe’s Tea blends include The Earl of Grey, St Clement’s Lemon, Proper Peppermint, Minted-Up Fruit, Sweet Chamomile, Christmas Chai Rooibos, Whiter than White, The Berry Best, Ever-So-English Breakfast and Chocca-Roo-Brew.