Drync, a US-based wine app developer, has launched a new wine discovery and e-Commerce iOS mobile app that allows users to buy wine instantly by snapping a photo of the label.

The app is linked to Shazam for Wine, which allows users to learn about, track, share and buy their wine instantly through the network of Drync’s fulfilment partners with over 30,000 wines.

Some of the features of the app include instant identification of over 1.7 million wines, image recognition technology, text search capability, instant in-app checkout, and Facebook and Twitter links for sharing wine ratings and tasting notes.

Drync CEO Brad Rosen said the wine industry is a very large market that has not enjoyed the explosive growth that other sectors have from technology innovation, but this is about to change.

The company further plans to expand fulfilment and marketing, and develop the product through $900,000 funds secured from investors, including Garvin Hill Capital Fund managing partner Mark Hastings, financial industry executive Jack Remondi, and BuyWithMe founder Andrew Moss.

Hastings said the Drync team has developed an elegant solution to an age-old problem for wine drinkers: ‘I love this wine. Now, where can I get it?’.

"Drync is the only product on the market that bridges the gap between trying a wine you love, remembering it, and buying it again. Drync has the potential to completely change how people discover and buy wine," Hastings added.