Drinks Americas, a US-based broker for premium Mexican beers, is bringing back the real Mexican beer to the US market with the launch of its premium beer brands Mexicali Cerveza and Day of the Dead Craft Beer in Austin.

The company has partnered with Austin Specialty Foods, which will offer dry and refrigerated distribution services across multiple categories in the region.

Mexicali Cerveza is a Mexican beer brand that is independently owned by a Mexican family, whereas Day of the Dead Craft Beer is brewed and bottled in Mexico.

Austin Specialty Foods managing partner Ben Erwin said they are pleased to be the ones to bring ‘real Mexican beer’ back to Texas and to head up the movement nationwide.

"Already, we have placed both authentic premium Mexican beer brands in over 100 accounts in just two unseasonably cold weeks. Thus far, the response we’ve received from our customers and theirs has been great — and with zero advertising," Erwin added.

Day of the Dead Craft Beer sales vice president Joseph Belli said Austin Specialty Foods recognises and appreciates the quality and opportunity they have in brewing, marketing and packaging, and providing the market with the only ‘real Mexican beer’ brewed in Mexico and owned by Mexicans.

Drinks Americas CEO Timothy Owens said Texas is an advantageous market for them given its high Mexican population and close proximity to their Mexican owned brewery.

"Located in Austin, known to be a highly visible trend-setting city, Austin SF will be instrumental in helping us re-ignite a passion for ‘real Mexican beer’ — both iconic and craft — among the city’s trendy craft beer-following," Owens added.