Distell South Africa, a producer and marketer of beer, wine, spirits and flavoured alcoholic beverages, has opened a new bottling facility in Accra, Ghana.

The move by the company comes after exporting its products to Ghana for five years and after successfully establishing partnerships in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Angola.

Distell Ghana country manager Burton Swain was quoted by vibeghana as saying that the plant would serve Ghana and neighbouring countries with their brands of drinks.

Some of the brands that will be bottled at the new facility include Hunter’ Gold, Savannah Dry Cider beer, Knight Whisky and Royal Reserve range of spirits.

Swain told the website that the company is also partnering with Finatrade Group of Companies, which has wide experience in agri- commodities and branded foods with established distribution strengths in Ghana and surrounding markets.

The move by the company is to combine its production and marketing expertise with the local marketing, sales and distribution knowledge to introduce quality products at competitive prices in the Ghanaian market.

Finatrade Group human resource manager Ellias Daher said the group would import apple and other fruits for the brewing, whereas bottling and labelling will be done in Ghana.

The new facility and partnership with Finatrade Group has created around 100 new jobs in the region.

Daher said that 98% of the workforce would be Ghanaians and assured that opportunities would be created in the coming years.