Devotion Spirits has introduced exclusively American-made Devotion Vodka at all 15 Bottle King stores across New Jersey.

The company has partnered with Allen Flavors, the maker of Arizona Iced Tea, to develop a process of avoiding sugars as a flavouring agent in vodka.

Available in Blood Orange, Black and Blue and The Perfect Cosmo flavours, the new vodka range will allow adult consumers to create their own version of low-calorie and gluten-free martinis and cocktails.

Black and Blue Vodka, a combination of sweet Oregon blackberries with the crisp and mild bitterness of fresh California blueberries, is a perfect match with sugar-free lemonade.

Blood Orange Vodka integrates the distinct aromas of the Moro blood orange, with the sweetness and tenderness of the Tarocco and Sanguinelli blood oranges and the bold taste of the Kanhpur blood orange.

It features levels of sweetness, bitterness and citrus profiles for a smooth, flavourful finish when combined with sugar-free mixers.

By blending Blood Orange with the premium ingredients of a Cosmopolitan, Devotion has created The Perfect Cosmo.

Bottle King district manager Jim Rilee said: "We get requests for gluten-free products all the time, and the simple fact that Devotion offers a smooth tasting gluten-free and sugar-free solution is a bonus for spirit drinkers."

Apart from the 15 Bottle King locations, Devotion Vodka is currently available for purchase at retail stores, restaurants and nightclubs in New Jersey, Florida, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut for $19.99.