Coronado has acquired Vampt Beverage USA, a producer and global distributor of ready-to-drink flavored malt beverages, following an agreement and plan of merger dated 8 December 2011.

The company has signed the merger agreement with Nevada-based Vampt and VB Acquisition, a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Coronado.

The merger agreement involved conversion of all issued and outstanding common stock and common share purchase warrants into the equivalent securities of Coronado.

As a result of the merger, Vampt Beverage USA has become a controlled majority-owned subsidiary of Coronado.

Coronado also plans to make an offer to outstanding subscribers of common shares of Vampt and holders of warrants, options and convertible debt to convert their securities to Coronado common shares and warrants, options and conversions on the same terms and conditions as the merger for subscriptions.

If the subscribers agree to the offer, Vampt Beverage USA could become wholly-owned subsidiary of Coronado.

Coronado CEO Ian Toews said they will now be able to focus on growth of Vampt product line and execute on their business plan market by market.

With the closing of the merger agreement, Coronado plans to change its name to Vampt America.

In first quarter of 2011, Vampt beverages were launched in eight US markets, supported by the guerrilla-style promotional program, social marketing and grassroots sponsorships.

The production of the beverages was contracted out to Associated Brewing, a multi-national production service provider for start-up beverages companies, who oversees all the production phases.

While, La Crosse, Wisconsin-based City Brewing was selected as bottling site for launch in the US.

Upon merger, the primary distribution focus for the Vampt beverages in the US will be on grocery, c-stores, g-stores, up and down the street-retailers that are primarily serviced by beer distributors.