Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL), a Canada-based marketer and distributor of spirits and imported wines, and its affiliate Pernod Ricard have expanded Pike Creek whisky distribution to the US.

The move follows the recent takeover of the distribution rights of Pike Creek by Pernod Ricard and also reflects the growing popularity of Canadian whisky in the US.

The 10yo Canadian sipping whisky is double distilled in small column copper stills.

Pike Creek whisky is initially aged in first-use, white oak Bourbon barrels, before subjecting to extra aging in vintage Port casks, reported

The spirits are aged in warehouses at Pink Creek, Ontario, which are not climate controlled and make the barrels expand and contract according to seasons and thereby releases different flavours from the barrels.

While there is no exact aging period, the whisky is rested for about seven to eight years before being bottled at 80 proof or 40% ABV.

Appearance wise the spirit has very interesting colour – a very deep version of pink Champagne mixed with the tan of un-dyed leather.

Pike Creek whisky possesses smell of flowers and fruity hard candy with woody and hearty notes, and a taste that beings with honey, followed by fruity Port taste and spicy cinnamon.

Pike Creek small batch whisky is sold for $31.99 per 750ml bottle.