Constellation Brands, the owner of SVEDKA Vodka brand manufactured at Lidkoping in Sweden, is all set to re-launch the entire line-up of SVEDKA Vodka brand with new packaging in spring 2013.

The company will also reformulate the flavours to give the drinks a high flavour profile.

The new packaging includes addition of bold colours to the bottle, a metallic silver closure, two signature cocktail recipes and a transparent ‘view-strip’ on the back, reported Shanken News Daily.

Initially, the upgrading will be done across the brand’s five core flavours, including Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Vanilla and Cherry, which are priced at $12.99 per 750ml bottle.

Marketing and brand visuals for the new packaging will begin reflecting late in the year.

SVEDKA marketing vice president Diana Pawlik was quoted by the website as saying that the new packaging is designed to unify the aesthetic look and bring them in-line with the recently launched flavours such as Grape and Colada.

"We’re taking a more full-portfolio approach to everything we do going forward," Pawlik added.

"So in the latter part of the year you’ll see the transition from the current packaging to the new, and you’ll see that product coming forward in all of our marketing initiatives."

The company recently added new flavours Strawberry Colada and Orange Cream Pop to the SVEDKA brand line-up.

According to Impact Databank, US sales for the brand have increased by 5% to 3.8 million nine-litre cases in 2012.

Pawlik told the website that the company aims to cross four million cases mark in 2013.