Constellation Brands, a New York-based wine company with more than 100 brands in portfolio, has signed distribution and broker deals with four companies in the US.

The four companies are Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), Young’s Market, Johnson Brothers and Horizon Beverage that will cover 14 states in the US.

Johnson Brothers and RNDC will serve as distributors, whereas Young’s Market and Horizon Beverage will serve both as brokers and distributors.

RNDC will distribute the Constellation’s wine and spirits brands in North and South Dakota, whereas Johnson Brothers will distribute its wine brands in Minnesota.

Johnson Brothers will continue to serve as a wholesale dealer for the company’s spirits brands in the state.

Young’s Market will lead as a broker for wine and spirits brands in Utah and Wyoming and for spirits brands in Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

The distribution of spirits brands in Washington and wine brands in the state will be handled by Young’s Market.

Horizon Beverage will act as broker for wine and spirits brands in New Hampshire and for spirits brands in Maine and Vermont.

The distribution of wine and spirits brands in Rhode Island and full-line of Constellation’s brands in Massachusetts will be done by Horizon Beverage.

Constellation Brands president and CEO Rob Sands said the signing of these new agreements represents their continued focus on creating efficiencies and developing consolidated points of contact for their distributors and brokers to ensure their products are in the right place and receive the attention they deserve.

The company has formed this consolidated US distribution model to achieve profits, attain organic growth through deeper distributor and broker relationships and improve its coordination of marketing and promotional programs.

Began in 2009, the consolidated distribution model will now represent nearly 70% of the company’s total wine and spirits business in the US.

Image: Constellation Brands is a New York-based wine company with brands across the wine, beer and spirits categories. Photo: