Sprite has become the number one soft drink in the Indian fizzy drinks market pushing the most popular Thums Up to the second position primarily due to customers’ acceptance for lemon taste apart from extensive television advertisement in recent times.

Both the beverages are produced by Coca-Cola India. The company’s most popular Thums Up ruled the Indian fizzy drinks market for about 30 years.

Ramesh Chauhan, who created Thums Up in 1977 and sold to Coca-Cola in 1993, was quoted by the Economic Times as saying: "Cola is an acquired taste… and to a large extent colas owe their success to very aggressive advertising and marketing through the years."

In August Sprite had a market share of 15.6%, compared to 15.3% of Thums Up. Since August Sprite maintained number one position, while Thums Up is at second position, according to research firm Nielsen.

In China, Coca-Cola’s Sprite is the leading brand compared to Coke.

Coca-Cola India spokesperson was quoted by the news paper as saying: "We appreciate the encouragement our consumers have been providing to Thums Up and Sprite over the years… Between them, the two have more than 30% share of the soft drinks market."

As per Nielsen data, the lime-lemon segment currently has a 36% market share of the Indian aerated drinks category, compared to 35% of colas.