Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidated (CCBCC), a producer, marketer, distributer and independent bottler of the products of The Coca-Cola Company, has reported net income of $27.2m for the full year 2012 compared to net income of $28.6m for the same period in 2011.

On comparable basis, the company posted net income of $29.6m in the financial 2012, as against net income of $33.3m in the comparable period last year.

The company reported net income of $1.8m during the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2012, which is unchaged from the prior year period.

However, on comparable basis, the net income dropped from $4.7m in Q4 2011 to $3.1m in the latest quarter.

Net sales increased from $1.56bn in the full year 2011 to $1.61bn in 2012.

The company also posted net sales of $387m in Q4 2012, up from $372.9m during the same period in 2011.

CCBCC chairman and CEO Frank Harrison said the company has reported good results in 2012 with over three percent growth in revenue that was driven by an increase in operating costs due to investments made in people and marketing to support their long-term growth strategy.

President and COO Henry Flint said their overall results for 2012 were down from 2011 results due to increased selling, delivery & administrative costs.

"We made significant investments during 2012 in people, marketing and technology to help us grow both volume and market share in the very competitive marketplace in which we operate," Flint added.

"We continue to innovate and evolve packaging and marketing strategies to respond to ever-changing consumer tastes."