Charbay Winery & Distillery, a California-based independent family business and US importer of Tequila Tapatio, has added the ultra-premium 110 proof Tequila Blanco (B110) to portfolio.

Produced by La Altena Distillery master distiller Carlos Camarena, the B110 is distilled from 100% estate-grown blue agaves in the Arandas Highlands of Mexico using traditional methods and small-batch distillation methods that date back to 1800’s.

The hand-selected agaves are initially slow-baked for four days and after being shredded and run through a modified sugar cane mill for de-juicing, the agave ‘Mosto’ is fermented in small wooden fermenters using their proprietary 75yo yeast culture.

The fermented Mosto – Mosto Muerte – is distilled in a stainless Alambique still, which produces ‘Ordinario.’

The Ordinario is then distilled in Copper Alambiques pot stills and aged in stainless tanks, before finally bottling at 110 proof.

Charbay Winery & Distillery master distiller Marko Karakasevic said at 110 proof, more of the subtle top notes of flavours are exposed.

"Tapatio 110-Proof Blanco has huge florals and spicy cinnamon, plus chamomile and rich agave," Karakasevic added.

According to Colorado’s Jimmy’s restaurant and bar tequila aficionado Jimmy Yeager, B110 is placed next to the best tequilas ever produced.

"The only way anyone would ever know Tapatio B110 was 110 proof is to either read the label or taste it and be astonished by the balance, silky smooth texture and the incredible range of flavors that explode on your palate," Yeager added.

"High and low notes are present (attributed to the higher proof), that are very rarely experienced in Tequila."

The B110 is sold at suggested retail price of $48 per 1l bottle.

Image: Tequila Blanco is bottled at 55% ABV. Photo courtesy of PRWEB