CapaBunga, a California-based maker of reusable caps for wine bottles, has introduced a new Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit that keeps wine in opened bottles fresh for longer periods.

The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit by CapaBunga comes with a can of specially blended inert gas, Wine Preserve by CapaBunga, which prevents wine spoilage with the unique sealing power of the CapaBunga.

When used together, the cap and the kit keep a bottle of wine at its pre-opened, oxygen-free state.

Wine Preserve contains a harmless combination of Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen gases that blankets the wine’s surface in the bottle displacing harmful oxygen.

The Wine Preserve by CapaBunga also ensures that the delicate aromas of wine are not altered.

However, to retain the taste, wines treated with Wine Preserve by CapaBunga must be stored in upright position to maintain the gaseous seal over the wine.

If the bottle is turned on its side, the surface area of wine will increase and the gases in Wine Preserve by CapaBunga will not be effective.

The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit by CapaBunga works well with non-effervescent red and white wines originally sealed with natural or synthetic cork closure.

The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit by CapaBunga includes one can of Wine Preserve by CapaBunga and three CapaBunga caps with manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $23.95.

CapaBunga is being launched at the Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market from 10-17 July 2013 in Building 2WW, Floor 3, Booth 614 or at the Dugan Bliss Showroom on the 17th Floor, Building 2.

Image: The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit by CapaBunga. Photo courtesy of PRWeb