Bronco Wine, a California-based company involved in premium bulk wine contracts, research and development, brand development, marketing and distribution, has selected Amcor Rigid Plastics’ lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles to expand its business in 187ml wine category.

Backed by its strong sales growth in retail and airline markets, the company now plans to expand its presence in the 187ml wine segment with the purchase of a new filling equipment for 187ml sized wine bottles and also plans to start contract filling service.

Bronco Wine president Fred Franzia said the increased sales in the 187ml package have come with the Crane Lake, Red Truck, Coastal Ridge, Hacienda, Harlow Ridge and ForestVille brands.

The glass-like PET bottles are portable, sustainable and come with reduced costs.

Closed with aluminum screw caps, PET bottles are made using a barrier coating technology, developed by Germany-based KHS Plasmax, in which the KHS Plasmax Silicon Oxide barrier coating seals the container from inside to protect the contents from oxidation and gives the PET bottles an extended shelf life.

The barrier coating can be easily removed during the recycling process and hence does not contaminate the recycling system.

Franzia said wine packaged in PET bottles can be sold at parks, concerts and other outdoor venues while airlines are also drawn to the lightweight and sustainability benefits.

"We’ve added customers in the on-sale (restaurants, bars) and off-sale (retail) segments plus increased sales with our airline customers.

"We’re able to offer the consumer a convenient, lightweight container that is 100% recyclable.

"And just as important, the reduced cost is allowing us to increase our customer base."

Image: PET bottles are glass-like but with one-sixth the weight of glass bottles and are recycable, unbreakable, portable and come with reduced cost. Photo: Amcor Limited