Better Barrel Wine, a California-based company that offers products for wine industry, has unveiled a consumer version of wine dispensing system – Better Barrel.

Till date, the Better Barrel was used only for commercial purpose at restaurants and bars with limited wine brand options, but now the home version can be used by consumers at their homes and also personalise the barrel based on their choice of image, text and colour.

Better Barrel wine dispenser is available in two models – Classic version and the temperature controlled Deluxe Version.

Both the models are hand-assembled from real oak barrels and feature a personalised barrel head, five 3l vacuum liners for storing wine bottles and five removable tap tubes.

The wine dispensers use wine storage and dispense technology to keep any wine fresh for up to several weeks.

They are also incorporated with an optional on-board electronic temperature control system that takes care of the refrigeration system.

The wine dispenser is also different from other wine dispensing systems, as it does not require the gas or bacteria-harboring dispense tubing and tap equipment to tap the wine.

Each fill holds up to four 750ml bottles of wine, which serves up to 16-20 glasses.

The consumer version of Better Barrel comes with Inkjet printable blank sheets that fuse into the wood permanently allowing unending colour images and designs.

The Better Barrel Classic is available at a price of $299, while the Better Barrel Deluxe is available at a price of $499.

Photo: Customers can get the Better Barrel Home Wine Dispenser personalized with customer supplied images. Image courtesy of Better Barrel Wine.