Bent Paddle Brewing, a Minnesota-based beer producer, has expanded its brewery with the addition of more brewing tanks to extend its distribution in the Twin Cities.

Launched in May 2013 in a warehouse at 1912 West Michigan Street, the 30-barrel production brewery initially offered beer on-site by the glass and growler, and housed the city’s first bona fide taproom.

With the addition of new tanks, the brewery is now offering six-pack cans of its flagship beers such as Bent Paddle Black ale, Venture Pils pilsener lager and Bent Hop, a golden India pale ale.

The brewery uses water of Lake Superior to brew the craft beers.

The brewery is selling the beer cans to five craft beer liquor stores in the twin cities.

Bent Paddle Brewing co-owner Laura Salyards-Fryberger Mullen was quoted by Duluth News Tribune as saying that they started with six tanks, and they are adding four larger tanks for a total of ten tanks.

"And that doubles our brewing capacity from 4,500 to 8,000-plus barrels of beer a year," Mullen added.

The brewery initially produced the black ale and golden IPA, but then added pilsner lager to the portfolio, which are sold by the keg and in 12oz can formats.

In addition to flagship beers, the brewery also produces seasonal beers such as Cold Press Black Ale.

Bent Paddle beers can be purchased at bars, restaurants and liquor stores in the area.

Image: Bent Paddle Brewing is now offering its beers in six-pack cans. Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/