Ball Packaging Europe, a beverage can maker and part of Ball Corporation, has introduced Dynamark Variable Printing Technology in Europe.

With this new process, European beverage producers can obtain 24 different monochromatic graphic variations with alternating icons, images and/or messages in a single production run.

Once integrated to the existing printing process for all sizes of steel and aluminum can, logos, portraits, graphics or messages can be changed and modified according to a defined vacant area of, or supplemental to the basic design.

While there are processes currently available that can achieve variability, Dynamark technology achieves variable graphics at normal production speeds, saving time and cost, claims the company.

Large-volume yet tailored manufacturing means directly reaching the targeted audience and grabbing attention at the point of sale.

Limited edition cans can also be produced, for particular events, with changes of date and/or protagonist being readily accommodated for serial promotions.

Ball Europe marketing director Benoit Hirszowski said: "The new process is not only fast and flexible. It allows our customers to bring differentiation at the point of sale. As variability within the marketing context is becoming ever more important, Dynamark™ offers optimum opportunity for directly targeting consumers and, perhaps, even amazing them on occasion."

In Europe, Dynamark technology is already available in Ball’s plants in Weissenthurm (Germany), Oss (Netherlands), Belgrade (Serbia) and Radomsko (Poland).

Dynamark-designed beverage cans will be hitting the market in the second quarter of 2013.