Azteca Spirit Sales, a privately held company engaged in marketing, distribution and sale of spirits and alcoholic beverages, has agreed to sell major interest to Beneficial Holdings (BFHJ).

Azteca, which is a sole distributor of Tepoz Tequila in the US, has a binding agreement with the manufacturer and is dealing with number of companies to market and produce its product within the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast regions with plans to add other lines to its portfolio in future.

Tepoz Tequila is a blend of 100% agave and is available in four types – Tepoz Silver, Tepoz Reposado, Tepoz Anejo and Tepoz Extra Anejo.

Under the $3m transaction, BFHJ will issue 100,000,000 common stock shares to owners of Azteca and will cover all the costs of marketing including a redesign of the bottle and packaging.

BFHJ, which is currently developing a new website, will also bear the costs of the Azteca website.

BFHJ spokesperson Nadia Serrano said that an alliance between Azteca and Beneficial will be advantageous to both companies.

"BFHJ’s backing and wherewithal will further advance the goal of Tepoz being positioned as a premium brand with a loyal market of upscale patrons in the United States," Serrano said.

Azteca spokesperson Charles Herman said that BFHJ’s access to Azteca’s products will provide it with a supply of beverages for the casino/gaming interests for which it is in the midst of finalizing agreements.

"Such would also be to the benefit of Azteca and other lines of spirits that it would like to bring to the U.S. market," Herman said.

"Azteca looks forward to an increase in value that will occur due to the future addition of gaming and other assets to various divisions of Beneficial Holdings, Inc."