Aristocrat Brands, a new brand management division of Florida-based The Aristocrat Group (ASCC), has been working towards research, testing and sampling of top-quality grains to be used in distilling for its upcoming range of premium spirits.

Having found that flavor is the secret to producing a good brand of premium vodka, the company now seeks for quality ingredients to produce the vodka.

Vodka is the top-selling spirit in the US with sales accounting for nearly a third of the liquor market.

Keeping in view of the market, ASCC plans to deliver only premium vodka made in the US and hence is testing only grains that can be grown and delivered within the US.

ASCC CEO Cindy Morrissey said top-shelf vodkas are distilled all over the world from wheat, rye, potatoes and even soy.

"In order to deliver maximum returns to our shareholders, we’re striving to produce a quality product right here in the USA that will be an immediate hit in the marketplace," Morrissey added.

"To do that, we’ve got to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to identifying flavorful ingredients that the public will fall in love with."

ASCC could also boost its spirits business by cross-promoting the brands through its network of partners and venues.