The Alkaline Water Company, a US-based producer of alkaline water, has entered into a representation agreement with ArchPoint Sales, a full-service sales and marketing company.

ArchPoint Sales, which is a member of BeaconUnited, works with manufacturer partners to build brands and to collaboratively develop programmes that ensure that these brands move from trial to repeat purchases.

Under the terms of the agreement, ArchPoint Sales will carry Alkaline Water products in its retail locations across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana markets.

Alkaline88 is developed using advanced proprietary electrolysis beverage process and is available in 3l and 1 gallon sizes.

The product is a pH balanced bottled alkaline drinking water enhanced with trace minerals and electrolytes, the company claims.

Commenting on the agreement, The Alkaline Water Company president & CEO Steven Nickolas said that ArchPoint is a highly reputable firm with an excellent record of service and commitment to both consumers and manufacturers alike.

"Through this agreement we have dramatically increased our penetration into this key market and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship," added Nickolas.