Appalachian Mountain Brewery (AMB), a North Carolina-based craft brewery, has signed a letter of intent to buy North Carolina Natural Energy (NCNE), for an undisclosed amount.

NCNE provides wholesale liquor, beer and wine license with US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, and access to the public markets through a shareholder group.

The move by the Appalachian firm was to arrange wholesale distribution for its craft beer.

Post acquisition, which is subject to closing conditions and expected to close before 2013, NCNE will rebrand as Appalachian Mountain Brewery and will begin trading as craft brewery.

Chanticleer Holdings, one of NCNE’s shareholders, CEO Mike Pruitt said, "Sean and his team have created international award-winning craft beers that are gaining brand recognition throughout our region."

"We look forward to showcasing AMB’s craft beers in our restaurants and assisting in its regional distribution. Our Company will continue to assist AMB in its growth and expansion to becoming a global brand," Pruitt added.

AMB founder Sean Spiegelman will be appointed as CEO of the new entity.

To focus its business model on sustainability, the brewery uses American Made JV Northwest Brewing equipment, a 5KW array of solar panels to offset electricity, and a recapturing system to save water in the brew process.

In 2012, AMB’s overall beer sales reached $99bn.