America’s Wine Trails has unveiled a mobile app developed by SteadyRain, a St Louis-based Internet strategy, development and online marketing agency.

The mobile app, which runs on both iPhone and Android mobile devices, is used by the company to provide its users with easy access to wine trails and winery information from its website

The app features Winery Directory, Wine Trails sorted by the fifty states, Wineries Near Me, Wine Journal and a search engine that searches for specific winery, grape varietal and wine trail.

America’s Wine Trails has also partnered with WineAmerica and Wine & Vines to produce a list of wineries and wine trails that are added to the mobile app.

This enabled the company to provide up to date wine information from all the regions of North America.

America’s Wine Trails owner Vince Manzer told that their goal is to connect people with wineries and promote local wine in all the regions of the country.

"Providing mobile access to thousands of wineries across North America is one way to do it. We know that this is a great way to reach millions of wine consumers in an environment where they are most engaged; their Smartphones," he added.

SteadyRain internet strategy vice president Joe Marcallini said the winery industry is currently dependent on tourism and mobile technology.

"Wine lovers nationwide are consistently searching for the best wine trails and wineries to visit. America’s Wine Trails mobile app provides the end user a fast and effective way to locate these wineries and trails coast to coast," Marcallini said.

America’s Wine Trails app is available at the iTunes app store and Google Play, where it can be downloaded for free.