Alpha, a division of Checkpoint Systems, has introduced two new products – 1 alarm Omni Guarde Bottle Cap and the Adjustable Bottle Collar – to protect wine and spirits bottles.

The company has come up with the new products to help the alcoholic industry, whose product lines are at high risk with an average shrink rate of 2.47% globally, according to the 2011 Global Retail Theft Barometer.

Alpha’s 1 alarm Omni Guarde Bottle Cap is designed for easy readability of the bottle label and tax information and features a patented Alpha S3 security system which can be accessed only through retailer’s key.

The variable clasp design of the cap provides a secure grip on a wide array of bottle neck diameters.

Attached around the bottle cap, the Adjustable Bottle Collar provides a strong visual deterrent with pain points that denies thieves touching the bottle.

The collar can be adjusted to fit on different neck size bottles and is secured with rubber lining that protects ware and tare of bottle foil and labels.

Adjustable Bottle Collar also features patented Alpha S3 security system which can be accessed only through retailer’s key.

Both the Alpha’s new products are one-handed application and removal systems and are available in both AM and RF technologies.

Alpha vice president and general manager Larry Yeager said Alpha has a long, innovative history of protecting wine and spirit merchandise, including developing the first commercially successful security cap for wine and spirits and the first aesthetically pleasing solution that doesn’t detract from merchandise presentation.

"These two new offerings build upon our longstanding know-how to offer retailers the benefits of open display and on-shelf availability, so that consumers have a positive retail experience and retailers increase sales," Yeager added.