Whyte & Mackay

British contact coding and over printing equipment producer Allen Coding Systems has installed labelling systems at Scotch whiskey producer Whyte & Mackay.

The company has installed 10 watt, compact iCON non-contact laser coder and the 30 watt, high speed S3030PLUS SHS laser featuring a split-head system on Whyte & Mackay’s labellers, which will enable printing product rotation identity and date codes.

Allen Coding claims that the installed split-head coder has been specially designed for quality, accurate printing on different substrates in a confined space.

The S-3000 laser system employs fast mirror tracking systems which provide quality and accuracy at low maintenance and minimum operating costs, while iCON uses high performance optics, powerful hardware and low overhead software to enable its core laser to meet the high speeds of Whyte & Mackay’s production lines.

Allen Coding UK sales & OEM manager Steve Ryan said that restricted space on the labelling machines and a point suitable for applying the code were the main obstacles but with some creative thinking these were resolved.

"On the high speed line an extended head allowed access to a very small area to apply the code with full X & Y movement of the coding head for a range of 12 bottle sizes. On the wet label machines the code was applied on the label pallets ensuring 100% accurate coding on a wet glue label," added Ryan.

Image: Allen Coding deploys labeling systems at British scotch whisky producer. Photo courtesy of ALLEN CODING GmbH.