Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has signed a new five year contract with IBM to extend the use of IBM Smarter Commerce solutions to help manage supplier sourcing and contract management.

IBM uses its global supply management capabilities in cloud-based e-Sourcing solutions to offer supply management mechanisms.

Part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, Emptoris allows companies to manage and adapt to customer and industry trends across different verticals like procurement, marketing, selling and service processes by developing the right strategies that will cut costs and mitigate supply risk.

Smarter Commerce also allows companies to manage and adapt to customer and industry trends across procurement, marketing, selling and service processes.

AB InBev will use the IBM Emptoris Sourcing and Contract Management solutions to improve supply chain visibility.

During the recent past, the AB InBev has trained over 250 employees in auction strategies to achieve high e-Auctions volumes, which has resulted in productive activities in marketing and media.

AB InBev global e-Sourcing center director Mark Roberts said the company sees the benefits of strategically managing its supply base globally while recognizing the nuances of each geographic region they serve.

"Additionally, we continually strive to maintain strong financial discipline in our procurement activities," Roberts said.

"With IBM Emptoris, we have found that perfect supply management mechanism and valued partnership to invest in ideas together, and nurture them for the long-term as we support operations in both developed and emerging markets."

Image: IBM Emptoris solutions is a cloud-based e-Sourcing solution that helps streamline supplier sourcing and contract mangement tasks. Source: IBM