BrewDog’s distilling arm LoneWolf Spirits has chosen Global Brands as its distribution partner following a three-way tender process.

Global Brands will be responsible for distributing LoneWolf’s London Dry Gin, Single Malt Vodka and cans of gin and tonic. The partnership is expected to boost the brand’s retail sales by more than £40m over the next two years through increasing unit sales by 100,000 cases.

Managing director of LoneWolf Spirits, Dough Bairner, explained that his company chose Global Brands because of the “quality” of their business and “the innovative ideas they came forward with in the pitch process and the knowledge and enthusiasm of its people.”

He continued: “Global Brands instantly understood..our passion for people to be able to enjoy a truly crafted spirit when they go to a bar, restaurant or hotel.”

“We created LoneWolf because the world of spirits is in danger of becoming complacent, and consumers deserve better,” said Bairner. “We distil – actually distil – from scratch on our premises and are creating spirits all the way from grain to glass.”

BrewDog opened the LoneWolf distillery in 2015 and the brand was launched in April 2017 with a portfolio of four products including a vodka which is distilled four times and filtered once to improve flavour. The distillery claims to house the tallest rectification column of any craft distillery in Europe allowing for maximum copper contact during distilling which delivers higher quality and purer spirits.

Global Brands founder and chairman Steve Perez said: “As well as being able to put LoneWolf into the right on trade venues, Doug and his team appreciated our own unrelenting pursuit of perfection on Franklin & Sons. We share the same unwavering commitment to only using natural ingredients across the range and won’t ever make any move that sacrifices taste. We know that for our customers, quality and taste is everything. This really resonated with LoneWolf.”

He went on to say: “The UK’s demand for premium quality spirits and serves continues to rise, and we want to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry trends so that we always deliver against the highest expectations. We’re continually investing in consumer research and customer relationships to do this and drawing on this knowledge, we know LoneWolf will be a massive success in the premium-end of the on trade.”