Health and wellbeing are the new buzzwords surrounding soft drinks but why are we suddenly obsessed with ginger?

It is has been well known that ginger can treat or protect against a number of ailments including motion sickness, morning sickness, nausea, inflammation, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer and even as a libido booster endorsed by a Greek physician of the time.

There are testimonials of ginger being used in medicine going as far back as 200 BC, found in some Greek literature and there are Chinese scripts that describe growing acres of the humble spice in order for it to be used in medicine.

In more recent times ginger boosting drinks, much like the little energy shot drinks, are being sold in places such as Germany and Denmark and PepsiCo have even released a low calorie cola and ginger drink in order to enter the market.

A GlobalData analyst said; “It doesn’t appear that ginger will show any signs of slowing down in growth in the near future as its health properties stand the test of time.”