Tinley completed the construction of its phase three permanent bottling facility in Long Beach, California, US, in August 2019. The new facility will enable formulation, batching, and co-packing of various cannabis-infused drinks.

The announcement follows the completion of the company’s phase two bottling facility expansion in Coachella Valley in March 2019.

Tinley bottling facility location

Tinley’s new bottling facility is located in Long Beach, 22km south of downtown Los Angeles, California.

The location has been strategically selected based on the market size of California and its regulatory structure.

The site is intended to offer access to North America’s largest beverage and cannabis markets. Tinley signed a lease agreement for the site in March 2018.

Tinley bottling facility details

The new Tinley bottling facility spans across a 20,000ft² area of a 45,000ft² site. It will produce Tinley’s own brand of beverages and provide co-packing services for branding, regulation, delivery and distribution.

The bottling facility will have a capacity of approximately 12 million bottles a year. It will also offer space for two extra bottling lines for additional beverage formats.

The facility is installed with bottling and batching equipment specifically designed for cannabis-infused beverages. The equipment incorporates Tinley’s processes and solubilisation technology.

Imported from Italy, the bottling line can facilitate different types of bottles, labels, and closure styles. The equipment can process carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, along with the drinks with perishable ingredients and those requiring clean-label claims.

A portion of the facility will be used to house a licensed cannabis distributor with provisions for refrigeration and large-scale packaging.

The site will include Tinley’s customised distribution facility, enabling a controlled doorstep delivery distribution system. It will also accommodate a research and development (R&D) department for beverages and an internal testing centre.

Tinley’s product portfolio

Tinley produces non-alcoholic cannabis-infused drinks containing various types of ethers, extracts and flavours.

The company launched Tinley™ Cocktails Flying Mule in 2018, which is a Moscow Mule cocktails inspired alcohol-free drink made from ginger extracts.

Tinley manufactures and markets its cannabis-infused beverages under the brands Tinley™ Tonics and Tinley™ ’27.

The Tinley™ Tonics brand drinks are available in 355ml bottles containing one micro-dose of serving while Tinley™ ’27 beverages are available in 375ml re-sealable bottles containing 8.5 micro-dose servings.

The Tinley™ Tonics drinks include Stone Daisy™ Blue Agave Lime Tonic, High Horse™ Spicy Ginger, and Lime Tonic. Made from natural flavours and lime extracts, the beverages contain 30 calories and sugar content of 6g or less.

Tinley™ ’27 drinks range includes Coconut Cask, Almond Cask, and Cinnamon Cask, which contain micro-doses of premium Pineapple Jack Sativa.

Tinley’s Hemplify® sugar-free drinks include fruit-flavoured drinkable vegan supplements containing extracts from hemp stalk.

Marketing commentary on Tinley

Tinley is a pure-play cannabis beverage company offering its own brands of beverages, while also providing co-packing services.

Established in 2007, the company transitioned into a cannabis beverage company in 2015, renaming itself as The Tinley Beverage Company.

Co-packing services provided by Tinley include formulation, manufacturing, branding, compliance, doorstep delivery services, and sales.

Tinley’s Tinley™ Tonics and its Hemplify® range of products are available at more than 100 retailers in California and online stores across the US.

Tinley is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, but has no operations in the country. Its cannabis-based operations are located in California, US. The production and sale of non-cannabis products form approximately 5% of its business.

Tinley signed a definitive agreement with CMX Distribution in April 2018 to distribute its products throughout California. Other distributors of Tinley’s products include Pacific Expeditors and Vets Leaf.

Tinley supplied cannabis-infused beverages worth $100,000 to its distributors in the third quarter of 2018.