Audebert Beverages broke ground on a new production and distribution plant in Lempdes, France, in November 2018.

The new facility, set to be opened by June 2019, will serve as the company’s headquarters.

The facility will manufacture different range of soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages. It will employ a total of 35 employees.

Audebert Beverages production and distribution plant location

The new site is located in Ernest-Jean-Bapt Street of Lempdes, a commune in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France.

The site is within close proximity to the north-south and east-west junction of the A71, A75, and A89 motorways providing good connectivity for distribution in the region.

Details of Audebert Beverages’ production and distribution plant

The production and distribution facility will cover an area of 8,000m² on a 5ha site. It will produce different types of beers including low-fermentation beers for the Le Bougnat brand, and high-fermentation beers for the Krypte range as well as brew malts for distillation.

Malt for whiskey will be distilled at 450m² cellar at the back of the facility for aging the eaux-de-vie. It will be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years to form whiskey.

Brewing rooms of 60hl with fermentation tanks will be installed along with fillers with a capacity of 6,000 bottles an hour to accelerate the production of beers, sodas, and whiskeys.

Drum filling units with a capacity of 80 barrels an hour with flash pasteuriser and cleaning in place (CIP) will also be set up. In addition, the facility will have 11 loading docks.

The company is focusing on the usage of returnable packaging, glass bottles, and stainless steel drums to reduce wastage. The company aims to recycle its packaging material by employing controlled delivery circuits, which are returned to the distribution centres.

Audebert Beverages’ products

Audebert Beverages currently distributes beverages ranging from beers, soft drinks, fruit juices, syrups and waters to wines, champagnes, coffees, and hot drinks. It also offers its own products in addition to the ones it distributes.

Some of the popular non-alcoholic beverages of the company include Auvergne Cola, TEO coffees, Auvergnat lemonade, Auvergnat Tonic, and Auvergnat peach tea. Alcoholic beverages include Le Bougnat Blonde, Krype beers, and Bougnat Blueberry.


The project is being funded through financing provided by People’s Bank Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Industrial and Commercial Credit, Caisse d’Epargne Auvergne-Limousin, and Crédit Agricole Centre France.

Contractors involved

Silicon General Company was awarded the contract for project management, while Krones and Ziemex are supplying the equipment.

Chalvignac Prulho Distillation, a distiller based in France, has been contracted to provide distillation services.

The contract for providing packaging material and conveyor set has been awarded to GM-Gera, while KHS has been contracted for supplying drum filling machines.

Marketing commentary on Audebert Beverages

Audebert Beverages was founded in 1901 by Jacques Audebert in Bort-les-Orgues, France.

The company started as a lemonade and wine wholesaler and gradually transitioned to other beverages. It has been making lemonade for approximately 120 years.

The acquisition of Auvergnat Cola brand in 2011 led to the division of the company’s beverages into two separate categories – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The non-alcoholic beverages including wines and champagnes contribute to 20% of the company’s annual turnover.

The company currently has sites across Aurillac, Bort les Orgues, and Comptoir des Vignes Aurillac in addition to an under-construction site at Comptoir des Vignes Aurillac.