World Waters has announced the global launch of watermelon-flavoured sports drink WTRMLN SportWTR.

The beverage has expanded the company’s hydration lineup and strengthened its commitment to ready-to-drink beverages.

WTRMLN WTR founder Jody Levy said: “We as a society are all perpetually dehydrated, working hard and often running too fast to get the nutrients we need.

“As shelf-stable, enhanced watermelon water, WTRMLN SportWTR provides a hydrating solution for the days where there’s no refrigerator to store your cold-pressed WTRMLN WTR.

“This product further enhances our mission to hydrate healthy humans wherever they are and whenever they need it the most in their day to day lives, with a healthier alternative to sugary, chemical-laden drinks.”

WTRMLN SportWTR is an electrolyte-filled and performance-enhancing drink that is designed to help consumers stay hydrated.

It is available in Lemon Lime, Berry Blast and Sun Drenched Citrus flavours at retailers across America in a 16oz single serve size and online for $2.99.

WTRMLN WTR partner Chris Paul said: “WTRMLN SportWTR is an innovative, low sugar, high function sports drink that really works to keep me hydrated on and off the court.”

In March 2017, WTRMLN WTR launched a line of functional blends, including WTRMLN GNGR, WTRMLN LME, and WTRMLN TRT CHRRY.