Winerytale is set to introduce augmented reality to every Australian wine, a move expected to benefit over 2,500 Australian brands.

Beginning next month, consumers with the Winerytale app will be able to see the story of the wine and the winery come to life with augmented reality, by scanning almost any Australian wine.

Field testing of the app is claimed to have attracted worldwide interest.

The company earlier stated that over 500 wine producers are already on-board from in and around Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and North America.

It expects that adding augmented reality to Australian wines en masse will deliver a competitive advantage against overseas labels. The technology is being launched with no cost to wineries.

Winerytale managing director Dave Chaffey said: “It’s great technology that hits the mark with consumers. There’s an opportunity for Australian wineries to capture the bulk of new sales its delivers.

“Most wine producers already know the strong engagement of augmented reality wine.”

The launch was originally planned for last month.  However, it was delayed as many Australian wineries had to come in terms with the combined effects of drought, bushfires and coronavirus pandemic impact.

Chaffey added: “Augmented reality is really starting to ramp up, people are getting very excited about what’s on the horizon.”

Both wine and augmented reality are growth industries and demand will continue to soar in such competitive sectors, the company noted.

Winerytale recently announced a capital raise through crowd-sourced funding platform, Birchal and did not reveal details related to it.