Canadian company Waterloo Brewing has postponed its plans to produce cannabis-infused beverages, intending to continue its focus on its ‘proven drivers’ of growth.

During the period leading up to the legalisation of cannabis-infused beverages, Waterloo Brewing dedicated various resources for obtaining licenses, also preparing its facilities to produce cannabis-infused beverages.

Since then, the company noted, the market for cannabis-infused beverages has become less clear and highly uncertain.

As a result of this uncertainty, the company decided to suspend all activities related to the production of cannabis-infused beverages.

Last year, the Canadian company registered significant growth in all three segments of its beer portfolio including craft, premium and value, as well as through its Seagram cooler and cider portfolio.

The company’s co-pack business also posted significant growth last year.

It added that the co-pack contracts of last year represent a total of more than C$40m ($28.4m) in expected incremental revenue over the next three years for the company.

Going forward, the company said that it will be focusing on the production of these beers as well as business areas.

Last December, Waterloo Brewing announced that it will start producing cannabis-infused beverages (CIB) such as non-alcoholic beer, tea and flavoured water in the US by October next year when the legal retail market is expected to open.

To support its production plan, the company partnered with consulting firm Cannabis Compliance to secure research and standard processing licences for CIBs from Health Canada.