Global winemaking and distribution business Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) announced that it has registered BEN FU trademark in China.

The achievement is related to the Chinese transliteration for its Penfolds wine brand.

With this registration, TWE now owns the earliest trademark registrations for BEN FU for its wine in both China and Australia.

TWE North Asia managing director Tom King said: “Protecting the integrity of our historic wine brands against trademark piracy and misappropriation has always been a priority and we have never wavered in our commitment to this endeavour.

“We are delighted with the outcome, as it gives us even greater ability to enforce the protection of our brand in line with our zero-tolerance approach to IP infringements, including counterfeit and copycat brands.”

TWE noted that it has achieved the BEN FU trademark registration after ten years of litigation in the Chinese courts and authorities.

In 2009, an individual registered the BEN FU trademark. However, it was cancelled by TWE in the Chinese Courts in 2017 and 2019.

Further oppositions by the trespasser and others were also successfully overturned this month.

Penfolds wines was founded in Australia over 175 years ago.

In June 2017, TWE announced its plans to divest its French wine brand Maison de Grand Esprit in Asia.