US-based botanical spirits producer Townshend’s Distillery has announced plans to close production operations by the end of this year.

Townshend’s Distillery notes that it is ceasing operations as moving to a new location was not economically viable for the company.

The company has been producing spirits from a vacuum distillation of kombucha. It announced its decision to close the distillery on Instagram.

In its post, Townshend’s Distillery said: “Five years ago, we set out on an ambitious journey to create a unique portfolio of spirits, created from and inspired by our love of tea and botanicals. We took a step into the unknown, carving our own niche in the spirits world, featuring novel and unusual ingredients and using an unprecedented production method.

“We found a community of adventurous folks who were willing to step into the unknown with us and to try new expressions of old world-styles of spirits, unbound by the well-worn path of tradition.

“Knowing that our products lean toward the esoteric and novel, we are grateful to have found you: the bold, the passionate, the expressive, those with a gaze to the horizon. Your unflinching support was the foundation that made all of this possible in the first place.”

The distillery produces spirits including Townshend’s Gin, Townshend’s White Rose liqueur, Bluebird Alpine liqueur, Spice Tea Spirit and the experimental Idle Hands Collection.