Dutch firm TOP is developing a new technology platform for dairy farmers that will allow customers to buy bottled milk from individual cows.

Molenaarsgraaf-based dairy farmer Matthijs Baan will be one of the first farmers to use the new technology. He said: “Every cow is unique, so every cow’s milk tastes different. One might be creamy and taste like ice cream, while other bottles might be very fresh or sweet.”

When the technology is complete, supermarkets across the Netherlands will be able to advertise their milk products with specific descriptions such as ‘sweet milk from Clara 8’ and ‘creamy milk from Floortje 30’.

“Every cow is unique, so every cow’s milk tastes different.”

TOP’s new technology platform is expected to implement both this project and a second initiative that aims to introduce safe raw milk to the market. The platform will also allow farmers to develop new business plans.

In order to develop new products and processes, TOP focused on new business opportunities and models for innovative entrepreneurs in the dairy sector.

Established in 2005 by Bert Tournois, Frank Giezen, Herman Feil and Wouter de Heij, TOP has been working for the food industry and its suppliers such as equipment manufacturers worldwide.