McCormick Distilling Company’s brand Tequila Rose has unveiled a range of new temperature-sensitive thermochromatic labels.

The label features a floral design that changes colour from silver to bright pink if the product is chilled.

McCormick Distilling Company Marketing vice-president Patrick Fee said: “Tequila Rose is a fantastic addition to mixed drinks or adult milkshakes, but it’s always been best served as a chilled shot.

“Tequila Rose is a fantastic addition to mixed drinks or adult milkshakes.”

“This new label both reinforces that idea and provides a fun new element for the fans who have always enjoyed Tequila Rose as a celebratory experience.”

Tequila Rose was introduced more than two decades ago by McCormick Distilling in the cream liqueur category. The tequila-based flavoured cream liqueur is available in strawberry, java, chocolate, and hot rose flavours.

Tequila Rose is planning to release its bottles with the new colour-changing labels across all stores in the US.

Vodka distilling and alcoholic beverage importing company McCormick is reported to be one of the oldest distilleries.