SPI Group unit Stoli Group has commenced construction of a new distillery and visitor centre at Cedar Creek Quarry in Bardstown, Kentucky.

To be built across 420 acres, the new Kentucky Owl Park will feature rickhouses for ageing products and a bottling centre for Stoli Group’s newly created American Whiskey Division.

The planned Bourbon Trail destination is also intending to add a freshwater lake, a gourmet restaurant, a convention centre, a vintage passenger train, and a refurbished train station.

Development activates at Kentucky Owl Park are scheduled to begin early next year, while completion of the distillery and beginning of whisky production are planned to take place by 2020.

“Development activates at Kentucky Owl Park are scheduled to begin early next year.”

The park is expected to create as many as 57 jobs in the area.

Stoli Group American Whiskey Division head Dmitry Efimov said: “Stoli Group will put great resources into these endeavours, both the distillery experience and the growth of this very important category for our company.

“As master blender, Dixon Dedman will continue to manage the production of Kentucky Owl, the crown jewel of the new division, which will remain a small batch offering.

“This site will be home to additional brands that we will create or acquire. With the continued strength and growth of American whiskies and bourbons, we are beginning to evaluate those opportunities.”

Established in 2013, Stoli Group is currently responsible for the management, distribution and marketing operations of SPI Group’s global spirits portfolio.